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  • What if I can't find the answer below?

    Email and we'll help you 😊

  • How does POP subscription work?

    Easy peasy! Choose the supplements you want. We’ll send you a box with 30 packs inside, every 30 days. Each pack contains the supplements you chose.

    There is no subscription fee. You can adjust or cancel anytime, without any penalties.

  • How do I make changes to my subscription?

    Sign in to your account and make your changes. Remember, you’re in control over any adjustment, pause or cancellation. No fees, no penalties.

  • Where are your supplements from?

    The ingredients sourced are from distinct locations around the world. Finally, they are produced in the United States.

  • Are your supplements HSA approved?

    It is a common misconception that health supplements require pre-market approval by HSA. Health supplements can be imported and sold without a licence from HSA. Click this link if you would like to read a little more.

    So what this means is that POP supplements, along with all other supplements in the market, are not approved by HSA. But being obsessive about details, we follow the HSA guidelines to a T.

  • What is the minimum and maximum supplements I can add into a pack?

    The minimum is 2 types of supplement in a pack. The maximum is 8 types of supplement in a pack.

  • What does the price for each supplement mean?

    The price is for 30 packs (one month). For example, you’ll receive 30 packs of vitamin A for SGD 5. That’s SGD 0.17 per day!

    Each pack will contain one vitamin A tablet and other types of supplements that you have chosen as well.

  • How much is shipping?

    Shipping is free for orders SGD 50 and above (before discount code). Otherwise, it’s SGD 8.

    If your order is SGD 50 and after applying the discount code, it is now SGD 49, your shipping is free.

  • Where do I enter the discount code?

    Don’t we love discounts? When checking out your cart, you’ll see a “Have a discount code? Enter it here”. This will appear when you’re asked to enter your shipping address.

  • I am subscribed but I received a new discount code from you. What am I to do?

    You’re welcome! Remember, you can only have 1 active discount code applied to your subscription at any given time. So you’ll have to decide if the new discount code will make you happier.

    Sign in to your account and click “Manage Subscriptions”. You’ll now see the supplements you chose. Click “Apply Discount Code”, enter your new discount code, then click “Save”. You’re all set!

  • When will the supplements expire?

    The expiry date will be written inside your box.

  • Will I get reminded before my next box arrives? Because... I want to add more supplements?

    Of course! We’ll email you 3 days before charging you. As long as the changes are made before the charge, you’re good! Sign in to your account to make the changes.

  • How often will I be charged?

    We’ll charge you every 30 days for a box of 30 packs.

    If you prefer a different frequency, instead of 30 days, email and we'll make it happen!

  • When will I be charged?

    You will be charged 30 days later, so sign in to your account to see the next charge date.

  • When can I cancel the subscription without being charged?

    We hate goodbyes. We’ll email you 3 days before charging you each time. Make your changes before the next charge by signing in to your account.

    Will you email to say bye, please?

  • How do I cancel the subscription?

    Sign in to your account and click “Manage Subscriptions”. You’ll now see the supplements you chose.

    For each supplement, click “Cancel”, choose a reason, enter your comments, then click “Cancel my subscription”. Once you see “Re-activate” for every supplement, it means you have cancelled your entire subscription. We’ll send you a notification email as well.

    Guess you’re really leaving now :( we’ll miss you, truly.