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Nothing is more important to us than being honest.

We are 100% fixated with the quality of our products. They are regularly tested for purity and safety.

Carefully Curated

We spent months researching, examining and consuming different supplements.

The ingredients sourced are from distinct locations around the world. Finally, they are produced in the United States.

Some dislike details but we love it. Maybe we are a little obsessed but hey, we just want to be sure.

Fish Oil

Our fish oil supplements are sourced sustainably from wild Alaskan salmon. The kind of salmon the happy Alaskan bears eat.


Sourced ethically from the Himalayas, our non-GMO and vegan supplement is free of harmful insecticides. Just like nature intended.

Scientific Research

We did the homework, a staggering amount. We observed what some claim, like "mega", "ultra" and even "ultimate". The thesaurus was well used.

No, we cannot promise you rainbows and unicorns. We can promise you this - easy and simple facts. No confusing jargons. 

We have two classifications - Reputable Science and Ancient Wisdom.